Aid Stations

We have experienced aid station captains and volunteers ready to help you at our nine aid stations. Just like our gas stations in Oregon, our motto is no self-service. Our volunteers will grab your bottles and fill them while you graze at the tables for food.

While all of our aid station captains and volunteers are awesome, keep in mind that three of the stations are remote hike-ins (well, four really, because you visit the Twins twice). That means the water and supplies were carried in, either by backpack, wheeled stokes, or powered wheel barrows.

Course Profile

Num Name Split Mileage Total Mileage Cutoff Time Drop Bags Crew Access Parking Toilets Captain
A1 Gold Lake 7.4 miles 7.4 no no, but can meet runners just past AS on Waldo Lake Rd campground Roy Reisinger (CORK)
A2 Fuji Mtn. 5.0 12.4 yes discouraged, FS road & 1/4 mile hike adequate no Steve Northrop (WPSP)
A2 Fuji Mtn. 2.5 14.9
A3 Mt. Ray 5.6 20.5 yes yes, road just N of Trailhead on Rd. 5897 on W side of road porta pottie Greg Aitken (WPSP)
A4 The Twins 6.6 27.1 no yes, 1.5 mi. hike approx .3 mile N of trailhead @ jct. of Rd. 5897 & Rd. 5896, the road to Shadow Bay no Jim Hutchison (WPSP)
A5 Charlton Lake 4.9 32.0 1:00pm yes yes, road 4290 lots porta pottie Curt & Barb Ringstad
A6 Rd. 4290 5.2 37.2 2:15pm yes yes, washboard FS road side of road no Steve John (WPSP)
A7 The Twins 7.5 44.7 4:30pm no yes, 1.5 mi. hike same as first time no Jim Hutchison (WPSP)
A8 Maiden Peak 5.2 49.9 none no difficult, 3.0 mi. hike Trailhead on Gold Lake Rd. no Don Elting (Backcountry Ski Patrol)
A9 Maiden Lake 5.1 55.0 none no no no Karen Peterson
Finish 7.5 62.5 9:00pm yes ski area lodge Laurie Thornley