For the first time since the inception of the race in 2002, we will use a lottery to determine the 2015 field. The lottery application period will open on February 16 and close on February 25 at We will have an old school manual lottery drawing on March 1. The entry fee is $140 plus the online fee. There is no fee to enter the lottery.

Automatics. If you were one of the runners who were guaranteed a spot in this year’s race due to the registration snafu in 2014, you will receive your invitation to register on or before February 1. You will have until February 15 to claim your automatic spot and register for the race. If you fail to complete your registration before February 15 you will lose your automatic status.

After the automatics are determined, we will draw the remaining runners for a total of 165 runners. Our goal is to start 135 runners as allowed in our USFS permit, so we are overbooking. We will also select an ordered waitlist of 20 runners.

Refunds. If you are selected but can’t run the race we will refund $100 of your entry fee if you withdraw by July 1.

Waitlist. If the entrants list drops below 135 we will clear runners from the waitlist up until August 15.

Transfers and Rollovers. We do not allow transfers or rollovers of your entry if you are selected. Please don’t ask.

The race reserves the right to let anyone in at any time if we deem that it is in the best interest of the race.

Proceeds from the race go to the Willamette Pass Ski Patrol. Over $65,000 have been raised in the first thirteen years of the race. Thank you runners, volunteers, and sponsors.

Future Waldo Dates: Waldo is normally held the Saturday two weekends before Labor Day Weekend.

  • August 20, 2016
  • August 19, 2017