How to Avoid Getting Lost

  1. Study the course maps and course description on the website.
  2. Know the general flow of the course. (i.e. know that it doesn’t go around Waldo Lake or to Bobby Lake)
  3. Know where north, south, east, and west are. Generally, Waldo Lake Rd is a north/south road and the PCT is a north/south trail, Fuji is west of the road and the PCT,
    The Twins and Maiden are east. The ski area is at the south end of the PCT and Charlton Lake is at the north.
  4. Run on the course before the race, but that is not necessary.
  5. Carry the map we provide you.
  6. During the race, pay attention when you get to intersections. They will be marked with pink ribbons and yellow signs OR a live course monitor.
  7. If you get to an intersection and it doesn’t have any of the above, then STOP, pull out your map, and figure out where you are.
  8. We have trail sweeps for your safety. If you leave the trail for any reason, please be sure to leave something on the trail so the sweeps don’t go by you. If they get ahead of you, there will be no ribbons or signs to follow and we won’t know you are missing until the sweeps get to the next aid station.