Crew Driving Instructions

First, please do not park on Waldo Lake Road unless there is a pullout or parking area. To block the bike lane and narrow the road would reflect very poorly on the race. Please, use good sense. Drive slowly and carefully, the runners will be crossing the road several times. A NW Forest Pass is NO LONGER required at trailheads in the Waldo corridor.

Fuji Mtn Trail:

The first place you can see your runner is where the Fuji Mtn Trail crosses Waldo Lake Rd #5897. Begin by driving NW towards Eugene on Highway 58 from the ski area. At approximately 3 miles turn right on Waldo Lake Rd #5897. Drive approximately 2 miles to where the Fuji Mtn trail crosses the road. Just past this crossing there is a pullout on the right. PLEASE, DO NOT DRIVE INTO GOLD LAKE CAMPGROUND OR DOWN GOLD LAKE ROAD. We do not want to jeopardize the future of this race by bothering campers in the middle of the night. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mt. Ray Aid Station:

About 2 miles further up Waldo Lake Rd is where the Mt. Ray Trail crosses the road. Just past the crossing on the left is a turnout/parking area. Park here and walk back to the aid station.

The Twins Aid Station:

In another 2.25 miles or so the Twins Trail takes off from a tiny dirt parking area on the right side of the road. DO NOT PARK HERE. Drive past the trail about .25 mile and park on the left at the junction of Rd #5896 which goes to Shadow Bay. DO NOT PARK ALONG WALDO LAKE ROAD AT THE TWINS TRAILHEAD. There is no way to get far enough off the road to avoid being a safety hazard. Walk back to the Twins Trail, if you choose, and enjoy a gently uphill 1.5 mile hike to the Twins aid station. You can visit this station twice if you wish, however you would not have time to visit both the Twins aid and make it to Charlton Lake if your runner is still outbound. A better strategy may be to skip the Twins outbound, crew at Charlton, and then hike into the Twins for their second visit.

Charlton Lake Aid Station:

This is the approximate midpoint of the race. It is also a lovely place to relax with your friends and family and cheer on the runners, or swim in the lake. Continue past the Twins Trail 5.5 to 6 miles farther (a little less than 11 miles from highway 58) until you see a junction sign on the right, and hiding in the trees on the left a misspelled sign to Charlton Lake. Waldo Lake Rd #5897 turns right at this point and becomes a gravel road. Continue 0.25 mile farther on the gravel road to the Charlton Lake parking area on your right. Park and walk 150 yards or so to the aid station on the lakeshore.

Rd 4290 Aid Station:

You can continue east past Charlton Lake, on what has now morphed into Rd 4290, to the 4290 Aid Station. It is 4 miles or so farther and is along the road. You could do this, but we do not recommend it. This section of road is severely washboarded and you probably won’t enjoy it. We think you will be happier to go back to the ski area to relax and cheer on the runners while you breathlessly await your contestant. Or enjoy the shores of beautiful Waldo Lake at one of the campgrounds.

Maiden Peak:

(difficult 3 mile uphill hike)

This is difficult to get to and the parking is limited. It is a 3 mile uphill hike to the aid station. We don’t recommend this, but if you want to hike into this station then study the map we gave you. Park at Maiden Peak trailhead off of Gold Lake Rd. Hike 3 miles up Maiden Peak Trail to the PCT.

Be careful, be enthusiastic, and have a great day!!