Race Reports

One of the unique aspects of ultrarunning is that most of us love to write about our adventures and are willing to share our experiences. We did this even before there were blogs. Back then we either put them on a website, emailed them to friends or the ultra listserv, or submitted them to UltraRunning Magazine. On this page we’ve collected a variety of Waldo race reports since 2002. Some are from runners who ran the race of their lives, others are from runners who DNF’d. Some are from sub 10 hour runners, others are from 18 hour finishers. You’ll notice several repeat offenders here and we included them because it either took them several tries to get a hat, or just because we think they are good writers and that you’ll like reading their reports. This is not meant to be a complete archive of all race reports ever written by Waldo runners, but rather, it is intended to be a representative sample of the wide range of experiences runners have had since the race began in 2002.  Enjoy reading.

If you write a great report and think it belongs on this page, contact the RDs.

David Laney Men’s Champion – blog report
Sarah Duncan Waldo Finisher – blog report
Jay Danek McDowell Mountain Man – blog report
Craig Thornley RD My Last Waldo – blog report
Meghan Arbogast UR Magazine Report
Timothy Olson Men’s Champion – blog report
Joelle Vaught Women’s Champion – blog report
Jake Rydman 2nd Place Male – blog report
Jesse Haynes 3th Place Male – blog report
Yassine Diboun 4th Place Male – blog report
Ronda Sundermeier 15-hour Finisher – blog report
Andy Jones-Wilkins Saving Waldo on AJW’s Taproom
Craig Thornley UR Magazine Report
Dave Mackey First Man and New Record Holder
Aliza Lapierre First Woman
Peter Fish Oldest Finisher
Craig Thornley UR Magazine Report
Gretchen Brugman Daily Adventures blog report
Timothy Olson Sole to Soul Rhythm blog report
Helen Lavin A Minnesotan’s blog report
Dan Olmstead Dan O doesn’t get lost – blog report
Amy Sproston An Anniversary Run blog report
Kate Merrill Waldo 1 Kate 2 – blog report
Geoffrey Donovan Death, Taxes, and Pandas
Bret Henry Go Get Your Hat Fat-Boy – blog report
Yassine Diboun Fast blog report
Jacob Evans Triathlete race report
Bret Henry Waldo 2 Bret 0 blog report
Miles Klaff Another DNF blog report
Bobby Gill First 100K blog report
Matt Lonergan Competitive blog report
Geoffrey Donovan Of Pandas and Bunny Grahams
Richard Bolt USATF Press Release
Geoffrey Donovan Beware of Pandas
Scott Dunlap Ultra Adventure Oregon Style blog report
Kent Holder 155 And Counting …
Rogue Valley Runner Neil Olsen’s win – blog report
Jeff Browning Giddyup
Cougarbait Cougarbait Gets a Hat
Bob Welch find link to article
Krissy Moehl The Full Waldo
Jim & Jane Updegrove Waldo V Confessions of The Turtle Team
James Hiebert How Long NOT to Stay at an Aid Station
Cougarbait Girl Power 14 – Waldo 2
Tom Riley #14, Next Year
Chris Thornley Blueberry, Please
German Collazos Waldo – The Hardest Run I’ve Done
Andy Jones-Wilkins Hitting The Waldo
Peter Fish Surviving The Monster
Jeff Staiman Running 62 Miles For a Cause
Keah Taylor The Experience of a Lifetime
Yueh-Han Lin How I Found My Inner Beauty
Steve Smucker Second Year, Second Place
Mark Swanson Last One Up Fuji To Finish
Rachel Landon Snapshop from Maiden Peak – A Volunteer’s Perspective
Steve Smucker Oregon’s New 100K
David Elsbernd Good News Bad News
John Pearch How I Found Waldo