Training Runs

The following runs are “Loop Runs – no shuttling required.” If you go on a training run on the course and see downed trees or any other problems please send us a report with as many details as possible. Thanks.

Fuji Sandwich on Maiden Bread | elevation gain: ~8500 | mileage: 40

description: This one was designed by Jeff Riley. Park at the Maiden Peak TH on Gold Lake Rd. Run up Maiden Peak Trail to the summit. Turnaround and run back down the same trail to your car. This is about 12 miles. Next, run north on Gold Lake Rd and follow the course up to the summit of Fuji, back down to S. Waldo Trail and then to Mt. Ray Trail. Cross Waldo Lake Rd and continue down to Gold Lake Trail. Take a right and continue through Gold Lake Campground to your car. This loop is about 16 miles. Refill your bottles and make another trip up to the summit of Maiden Peak and back down to your car for another 12 miles and 3000’ of climbing and descending.

Fuji Mtn Loop | elevation gain: 2800’ | mileage: 15.5

description: This loop takes you through some beautiful forests to the top of Fuji Mtn. with an outstanding view of Waldo Lake. Park at the Mt. Ray TH on Waldo Lake Rd. Go east about 1/2 mile to the Gold Lake Trail. Make a right and go south for a little over 2 miles to the Fuji Mtn. Trail. Cross Waldo Lake Rd and follow course up to the summit of Fuji. Climb is about 2500’ in about 6 miles. Follow the course back down to S. Waldo Trail and Mt Ray Trail. When you hit Pothole Meadows, spot the sign in the middle of the meadow and go straight to the sign. If you veer either left or right you will likely get wet. It is completely dry if you stay on the direct line to the sign. From the sign, spot the blue ski diamond on the tree and go straight to it. Continue down the trail to the TH and your car.

Maiden Peak Loop | elevation gain: 3500’ | mileage: 18

description: This loop will take you to the highest point on the Waldo course and familiarize you with the start and finish of the course. Begin at Willamette Pass. From ski area go up the road just southeast of the base of the Gondola. Follow this a few hundred yards where the road turns to the right. Continue up this road (the ski run Perseverence) for about 25 minutes of brisk walking when the road flattens and bends to the northwest. The road then heads straight north for few hundred yards. Take a right back into the woods and continue on this (Taits ski trail) for about 1/2 mile. Take a right onto single track at the Taits Trail sign. Go a few hundred yards downhill and make a left at the next trail junction. Follow this single track to Skyline Trail and take a left (the PCT is to the right). Follow this upper part of Skyline Trail to the bottom of the chair lift. Do not cross under the lift, but take a right across the ski run to the single track trail. Continue on the trail, which generally follows Skyline Creek down, until you reach the Maiden Peak Trail (#3681). Take a right and go up to the summit of Maiden Peak. Turn around and go back down a couple of minutes to a “Trail” sign on a tree. There is a big cairn and there should be some pink ribbons marking the turn to “The Leap of Faith Trail” that leads to Maiden Lake Trail. Follow that trail about 2 miles to the Maiden Lake Trail, take a right and go west to the PCT, then take a left on the PCT and follow it south to the ski area.

Twins Loop | elevation gain: 3000’ | mileage: 17.5

description: This loop will help you become familiar with the northern end of the course. It takes you through some beautiful forests and optionally summits the North Twin. From the Charlton Lake parking area (see crew driving instructions), head for the lake shore (about 50 yards, crossing the PCT), then turn left on the Charlton Lake trail. Follow the course on Lemish Lake Trail, following signs to Round Meadow back across Rd 4290 and up trail 19 to near the summit of the Twins. When you get to the highest point on this loop, you can see the scree fields of the Twins to your right. Continue following the blue diamonds and the “Lost Ribbon Trail” 1/2 mile downhill to junction with the Twins Trail. (Optional: Take a right up the Twins Trail and go to the summit of the North Twin. It is well worth the 10 minute climb. From the summit, turn around and return the way you came.) Continue downhill one mile to the PCT. In the race you’ll be going south on the PCT, but to get back to your car take a right and go north on the PCT to Charlton Lake. Very easy running back to the lake.

Fuji Maiden Double | elevation gain: 6100’ (or 7500’) | mileage: 35 (or 40)

description: This loop summits two of the three mountains on the course. You should plan on dropping water/food off at the Mt. Ray TH before driving to the ski area. To keep the distance down to 35 miles begin your run at the Nordic center, which is near the northwest end of the ski area parking lot. Stay left of the center and look for the free connector trail that leads to Gold Lake Rd. Once on Gold Lake Rd. take a right and follow the road and the regular course through Gold Lake campground, across Waldo Lake Rd, up Fuji Mtn, back down across S. Waldo and down Mt. Ray. If you left aid here, fill up your bottles and continue following the course across the road, up Gold Lake Trail to Bobby Lake Trail to the PCT. The course goes north at this point on the PCT. However, for this run you go south on the PCT and continue following the last part of the course over Maiden Peak and then back to the ski area. To make this a 40 miler begin your run following the PCT north and take the Maiden Peak Trail west to Gold Lake.

Send us your comments or suggestions for other training runs.